People Over Everything

Where’s The Love?

To Be A Blessing Ensures We’ll Be Blessed

Henery X
2 min readOct 3, 2021


Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash

There should never be a claim of not having enough, especially if something isn’t in danger of honestly running out. Being denied access to anything due to a lack of funding is inhumane behavior. How can someone be hungry and not be able to eat when food is abundant? How can anyone be homeless when so many places to stay are available? Hoarding, being selfish, greed, all these things are the reason for the ways of this world. Eventually, everything will run out and all we’ll be left with is one another. But living life will be a lonely affair, seeing how we neglected one another when we had it all.

Here on Earth, it should always be people over everything. Nothing is more precious than life. Time would have a great argument against this fact, but it would be a losing battle.

Only a body that lacks its soul,
Can be so bold,
To walk past a hungry person sleeping outside in the cold,
Especially seeing their pockets have way more than change to spare,
Maybe they would care,
If it was them laying there,
Or maybe not,
Because they’d find it hard to believe they’re now a have not,
The more some have, the less compassionate they become,
How quickly they forget where they come from,
Once only locally known,
But the love of the people put…