The Tangible King

Visualizing thoughts

Henery X
4 min readJul 22, 2022


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I see things in my dreams, and then my dreams become tangible things. — Henery X

The Tangible King

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The Start Of It All

One day, I had a daydream that someone was wearing a T-shirt I had designed. Now, keep in mind I hadn’t designed one T-shirt. The daydream seemed so real, I even struck up a conversation with the unknown, imaginary individual.

“Hey, nice T-shirt.”

“I love my T-shirt!”

“You love it?”

“I love it!”

After the daydream had ended, I made my mind up that I would own a T-shirt company. I didn’t know how. I didn’t know when. I just knew I was going to own it. Years later, and shortly after I met the Angel Lady that would change my life forever, our T-shirt company “Tees That Rule” was born. And I’ve actually seen many people wearing T-shirts I helped co-create, which includes the founders of the company. One perk of being a business owner is that you have first dibs on the products or services, and I take full advantage of this.

I Want To Write A Book

In the late 80s, I started writing a book which would end up being the inspiration for my second self-published book. The book in question was just one long paragraph with multiple subjects and dialogue. It was one big mess.

Fast forward to the late 90s, where I was a much more enlightened writer, thanks to having become an avid reader. This portion of the journey would have me totally disregard my first manuscript and begin another one, with similar features. I would complete five of the ten chapters, but the entire project wouldn’t be complete until 2019. Long story short, another book idea was planted in my mind, and thanks to a question from a friend who was being used by the Most High. In 2018, I held the first of five books in my hand and the following year; I held the book I had initially started writing.

A Talk Show Host? Really? Well, Sort Of

In 2020, the thought of interviewing fellow writers through Instagram Live came to mind. So, I decided to see who would be willing…



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