Greetings, iWrite! I pray that all is well with you and yours during this time of reflection and reconnection.

I’m a firm believer that on this Medium platform we have to have a reader mentality first, seeing that more often than not, we get what we give.

When we take the time and donate it to not only reading the efforts of other people but to drop a comment as well, we’ll receive the same in return. I’ve been on this Medium platform for over four months, and at this time I’ve connected with a number of people. The said connection began with me going around reading the work of others, as well as leaving compelling comments. Sure, I was posting my own efforts but drawing attention to them, wasn’t my primary focus. I was a reader first and foremost, and it was my comments that would eventually draw attention to my page. We all like to know that our efforts weren’t done in vain, and positive comments ensure this.

From your piece offering, I see that you’re a talented writer, which is a great thing, means you’ll attract and keep the attention of readers. But to really draw attention to your work, become an avid reader. Take time out to read and give your perspective on what you read, guaranteed the people will come.

May all you deserve and desire flow abundantly into your life like a river into a sea.

Happy reading, writing, and mingling.

I write to Encourage, Enlighten, and Entertain.

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