Greetings, Amy.

I pray that all is well with you and yours during this time of reflection, reconnection, and search for justice.

I appreciate your participation in the Wake-Up call, so many valid points you made within said piece offering.

The two greatest gifts we were given is that of life and an unspecified amount of time, nothing else we have or we'll ever receive will mean more to us. Life and time are responsible for everything else we have, without the two, everything else we possess wouldn’t even exist. Life and time make living possible, living consists of creating memorable moments with those we love, and who love us. Memories are what immortalize us in the hearts and minds of all those who knew us well, and when we physically no longer exist. The point of the words you read was to show you just how vital life and time are, without them together, everything else we possess wouldn’t even exist.

Our life has a natural expiration date, in which the time we were afforded determines. Our decision making alters the time of our lives, say for example if we decide to smoke cigarettes or use narcotics, these two things are known enemies of life and time, they alter the natural expiration date drastically.

Though us taking for granted the invaluable gifts of life and time is not good, it's better than someone else taking it upon themself to bring both to an end. When life and time are gone, neither is ever coming back and what remains are the memories of how they left, as well as what the people did with them while they lived.

LIFE and TIME MATTER!!!!!!!!!

May our words continue to serve as an alarm clock for the people of the planet.

I write to Encourage, Enlighten, and Entertain.

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