Everything Isn’t Always As We Think

A Different Point Of View Could Change Everything

What if I told you that Doubt, Fear, Failure, and Frustration all worked with Success, and the quintet, all worked for the Universe? I know for the average person, this would be hard to believe, and due to the fact of what we’ve convinced ourselves to think. Well, in this story, I attempt to provoke thought, with the hopes of activating a change in thinking.

My belief stemmed from analyzing outcomes that didn’t go as planned, and because of this fact, I was on the brink of quitting. But my desire was more significant than my circumstance; my circumstance fed my passion. So I began to think, what if all the things I concluded worked against me, was designed to help me succeed.

Achieving success was never meant to be done quickly. Struggle not only builds character but just as importantly, it establishes the proper appreciation for accomplishment as well. So when I looked at it from this perspective, all the things mentioned above working together to bring about a greater good, just made sense. But read the story and draw your conclusion because that’s the whole point, to offer an option for you to weigh up against what you currently believe.

I want us all to win because this is the mindset of a winner genuinely; he/she understands that victory is so much sweeter when celebrated with the masses. If I feel something can be of benefit to you, and I refuse to share it, but I’m broadcasting daily, I want the best for you; my actions define hypocrisy. I love to have my actions speak for themselves; in this case, my effort is sharing my belief. It’s the sharing that backs my claim that I want us all to appear in the winner’s circle, and the consistency of my effort will eventually erase all doubt.

“Every person is like a piece to a puzzle. Each one different, but all are necessary to make visual the bigger picture of living, which is the definition of life.”-Henery X (long)

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I write to Encourage, Enlighten, and Entertain. https://www.writepath247.com/

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