Birthed From A Comment

14 quotes I felt deserved their moment

Henery X


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I Live to Learn, so I may Learn to Live.-Henery X

Birthed From A Comment

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Quotes have influenced significant change. Like with all things, quotes derive from everyday occurrences. Some are funny, while others are intensely insightful, but all have you think.

The minute I was introduced to Les Brown’s quotes, was the second I desired to create quotes of my own. I became obsessed with this way of expressing myself via the written word. To date, I have hundreds of quotes, most of which derived from comments I wrote to other writers offerings.

Below are 14 quotes that have come from comments I wrote to writers offerings on this very platform. When I say reading helps me to write, I don’t be exaggerating. If I hadn’t been an avid reader, I would be no writer. So, thank you, my fellow literary comrades for the courage to share what you create, it really helps me to be my best.

It takes courage to be vulnerable. And vulnerability builds strength, while strength gives others the courage to be vulnerable as well.

Tangible proof gives strength to our credibility.

My goal is never to convince someone to believe as I know, it’s always to offer something else to consider. The goal is to have people think, as well as desire to act on their thoughts. Their actions may not be to utilize what was present, but if what I present gets them to act, mission accomplished. When we see others have done something, it serves as irrefutable proof that we can do something as well. My goal is to help others be able to help themselves. To show them just how powerful they are. And that when they combine forces with others, nothing can stop them but themselves.

I’m always saying my favorite thing to do is think, and this is no exaggeration. But now I will forever add a word that I have been leaving out to that fact. The word is intentionally. My favorite thing to do is intentionally think. I analyze what’s made available through my actions and the actions of others thoroughly. What I’m seeking to find is the best solution to how to be successful. This is my definition of working…