Beyond The Moment

A short story

Henery X
4 min readJun 24, 2022


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When we show we believe in ourselves, the actions of others will show they believe in us as well. — Henery X

Beyond The Moment

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Sixteen-year-old Steven Jackson Junior didn’t grow up like the average child. While his peers were busy learning through play, his lessons came via working alongside his father at age seven. And this wasn’t something that was forced upon him. He voluntarily wanted to do what he did.

Fifty-six-year-old Steven Jackson, Senior, was the proud owner of Doctor Lawn Care, LLC, which was a landscaping company he started shortly after his son was born. Steven started out working for a popular landscaping company at eighteen and, because of his overall effort, he became someone the bigwigs placed unwavering trust in. He was named the production supervisor, and he ensured his superiors had no regrets about their decision. Though he loved his job, as well as the financial security it afforded him, he didn’t want to work for someone else until he retired. So, after twenty-two-years of service, he parted ways with the company that had afforded him and his wife a great life.

A year later, and after creating a solid business plan, Steven and his wife, Jean Light-Jackson, invested large portions of their savings into Doctor Lawn Care, LLC. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Steven Junior was sitting in the passenger seat of his father’s 2022 Ford F-150 pickup truck. They were headed to one of the many clients’ home whose lawn needs Doctor Lawn Care, LLC catered to. Both were casually dressed.

“Hey, Dad.”

“Yes, Son.”

“I’m going to start my lawn care business,” Steven Junior said with confidence.

“That’s great, Son. So, when can I expect to lose you as a trusted employee?”


“Tomorrow?” Steven Senior said, he chuckled.

“Yes. I have the capital, seeing I’ve saved the bulk of my earnings. Plus, I have a crew, which comprises all my friends. Plus, we have clients, which are the residents throughout the neighborhood.”



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