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I write to Encourage, Enlighten, and Entertain.
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Every writer should develop a desire to add published author to their list of things accomplished. I feel so strongly about this belief that I encourage every writer I connect with to make every post on social media, an entry in a book template as well. Creating a book isn’t as hard as it may seem and it gets easier once you think about the suggestion I said I offer to my fellow writers.

Below are five (5) reasons why I strongly believe having a book we created is vital.

1. Immortality

With a book under our belt, we have…

Not only does a dream desire to be chased, it expects to be caught as well.

Why do you think dreams come to us? Dreams are signs of things we can look forward to, notice I used the word “forward.” Our dreams are not where we are, they’re where we’re supposed to be.

We all have a starting point in life but this is not where we’re supposed to end, it’s just the beginning. See, there are levels to living life. We start at one level, and then we go to the next. Each level is meant to inspire a…

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In the beginning, I created a blueprint on how I would become an effective creative writer. My journey began with me reintroducing myself to the dictionary, which would wind up becoming an uninterrupted 5-year relationship. My goal was to be able to always combine the right words, to bring about the desired result. I then began to study human behavior, seeing it would be humans I’d be sharing my creations with. My goal was to find out what we all as humans have most in common. After the process of elimination, I was left with one belief, which was we…

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Greetings, Family.

I wanted to be a self-published author. I turned my want into a need. My need produced my desire. Now, If I wrote an article detailing my journey and entitled it, “It Can Most Definitely Happen,” and included a photo of me holding up two of my books, do you think would-be authors would read it?

Well, I did do exactly what you just read pertaining to the article. And currently, the article in question is my most popular of just over 300 on the platform. …

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I write for all those who feel they’ll never have a chance.
To dance.
With success.
Well, I’m here to tell you that you’re no less.
Then the so-called very best.
Believe it or not, they once stood where you now stand.
And that’s because they’re nothing more than a mere mortal woman or man.
You keep putting yourself in a dark place.
Don’t you know your sad eyes betray your smiling face?
We can lie to the world but guess what, the world could care less.
This is why we should care more.
Take that leap, spread our wings and soar.
Because the only thing we have to lose.
Is our opportunity…

Definitions Are Nothing More Than Popular Opinions

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Greetings, Family.

Let’s go to dinner, my treat. The meal will be a heaping helping of food for thought. And don’t worry, you’re welcome to have seconds if you like. Overeating is highly recommended. Now, bon appétit.

The word mistake means something we should not have done. Now, let’s break the word down. Mis-take, which means we did mean to do what was done, but it wasn’t meant to produce the desired result. What we do voluntarily is what we meant to do, now, if it’s right or wrong will be determined by the outcome.

More often than not, when…

Writing Exercise: Create a poem using 26 words that all start with the same letter. You have 23 letters to choose from because X, Y, and Z don’t have the required word count. Happy Creative Writing. And if you participate, please tag me so I can read your masterpiece.

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I’m running through the Wilderness With a Wealth of Words. I can either create Wisdom or Weapons. It’ll depend on if I have a Weary mind or a mind focused on Winning Ways. Watch as the Wind supports my Wings While I Welcome Wonders on my Worldwide travels from the West…

My Diamond Mind Never Stops Producing

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More often than not, I’m misunderstood.

Because most people don’t understand.

Why I say I now stand over what I once stood under.

I am the clouds, rain, and thunder.

God’s second son.

But in all actuality, I am second to none.

At least in my mind.

And in my mind is where everything pertaining to me matters most of all.

One day I decided to give the Universe a call.

And it heard me loud and clear.

Then said, “To be successful you have to do away with doubt and fear.

Take every shot.

With the utmost confidence, you’re…

Henery X

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